Assisted Living Services in Flint, MI

We are a family owned and operated, state licensed home offering high-quality care and personal services to our residents and their families. We are located in the Western Hills area of Flint Township, in an upscale home and setting.

Unlike many "institutions" or "corporate" facilities, we have only one home, which enables us to provide truly personal attention and care to each resident. We make sure each residence feels safe and has fun while enjoying elderly activies. 

Who are we?

I, Martin Skokan, am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and have much experience in the field of geriatric health/illness/safety, etc.

Bonnie Skokan serves as the manager with years of experience in elder care. She is a wonderful cook, fastidious housekeeper, and has the talent to hire and oversee top-notch caregivers.

We started this home when my mother had a stroke and required 24/7 care. Currently we are taking care of Bonnie's 95-year-old mother, who has dementia.

Some of the highlights of our home include:

  • A loving and attentive care team with considerable senior-care experience. We are all friends here and promote a happy, supportive atmosphere. (Both our staff and resident turnover rate is very low.) A high staff-to-resident ratio providing 24-7 care (an increasing rarity in today's senior care homes).
  • Home-cooked, nutritious meals. (We are health-minded and promote fresh, nutritious cuisine.)
  • Flexible schedules which adapt to each resident's personal preferences rather than following a strict group schedule.
  • Reasonable rates, generally half the price of a nursing home.
  • My wife and I work in the home on a daily basis, overseeing every aspect of the care and services provided.

Individual quality care

In summary, we offer the highest standards of care within a family setting at a reasonable cost. Unlike when dealing with a large, corporate-run institution, you will find us more flexible and accommodating to your family's individual needs.

To get a further feel for what we have to offer, please view a video tour of the Butternut Tree Personal Care Home Tour.

We work hard to attain the highest levels of full-spectrum care possible and take pride in the services we offer. See letters from happy clients.

If this sounds like the kind of setting that you are seeking for your loved one, then please contact us at your earliest convenience by calling 810-733-3186 or texting 810-869-5360.

5335 Butternut Tree Court
Flint, MI 48532


Phone: (810) 733-3186

Open 24/7